Exposed Aggregate Concrete Paving is an ideal choice for driveways or areas subjected to high traffic and requiring a non slip surface. It is extremely hard-wearing, long lasting and ruggedly attractive. Will also be suitable for a garden path, and custom landscaping.

Different stone types and colour pigments can be combined to create various effects.

The exposed aggregate surface is achieved through a process that enables the stones within the mixture to be exposed, making them a defining feature of the paving.

Exposed Aggregate Finishes are:

  • Low maintenance
  • stylish,
  • hard-wearing and a durable surface
  • naturally non slip
  • performs well in high traffic areas
  • resistant to weather extremes.
  • unrestricted creativity


The process is as follows:


Exposed Aggregate paving process 006

Step 1: Your site is prepared

Exposed Aggregate paving process 005

Step 2: Ready Mix concrete is delivered and poured in situ. The concrete is laid and leveled

Exposed Aggregate paving process 004

Step 3: A retarder is applied on the surface of the concrete

Exposed Aggregate paving process 003.

Step 4: the concrete surface is washed to expose the stone

Exposed Aggregate paving process 002.

Step 5: Expansion joints will be cut

Exposed Aggregate paving process 001


As an option: A sealer can be applied

Eurocrete also specialises in the Re-sealing and or Refurbishing of all old and existing Pattern Imprinted Concrete Paving. Contact us!